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The Witch at the edge of town

I have always lived on the edges. My choices in music, clothing, books and everything else has always felt like either too early or too late. I remember reading the Witches Fortune Telling deck in my grade school for classmates. I questioned everything. I preferred pushing people's buttons and asking people hard questions. This set me up for a challenging path on the outskirts of town and of most common culture.  But this is an opportunity to pioneer new pathways. 


Like most people who work in this field, I came to this path by my own health crisis. My own endometriosis diagnosis required 10 years and 7 different doctors to be heard and listened to. I felt ignored. I felt dismissed. And I felt there had to be other ideas out there. While convalescing from my second surgery, my brother found me a book of herbal remedies.. saying he thought I might find them interesting. I did. I started experimenting with myself and my family. And found that not only where these supports accessible but they worked!  They were connected to the earth we live on. They were affordable. They were effective. They let me be in control of my own health.. in my own kitchen.  This started a long journey into holistic practices of all kinds.  Blending herbs, flowers, energy and stones into health. And doing this practice on the edges. Where it had always been done. By people on the edge of town who didn't fit in.  Or had wild and innovative ideas. Who pushed the boundaries and status quo. This is the wise woman pioneering path.


I have spent over 25 years learning numerous methods of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, energy and flower essence works. I hold certifications in Herbal Retail Management, Nutritional Herbalism, Clinical Master Aromatherapy and Clinical Master Herbalism and Flower Essence Practitioner.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher to help facilitate your energy shift.  I just completed a Stone and Crystal Medicine Practitioner course. But most importantly, I have also done (and continue to do) this work.  For better or worse.  I have done deep dives on my own emotional, spiritual and physical needs to transform my health.  The process continues. But this helps me lead you down dark pathways.  I know the way.


I decided to venture into these wild and overgrown pathways out of my wish to help the community of curious folks who want to stand in their own power. To continue the customs of the wise women that supported their towns on the periphery. To reconnect those who are willing with their wild and empowered selves.  I want to continue the wise woman tradition one extract at a time! I am your own personal village witch at the edge of the woods.

Let me help guide you to find your own way. I wish to support and nourish your mind, body and soul.  

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