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the Story of how I got here ...

It all started with a simple "home remedies" book and years of battling with my own endometriosis. I was immediately drawn in to the idea of helping my family and myself and started experimenting in my own life. I chose easy recipes with readily available ingredients and found success pretty quickly. Wound healing poultices, stomach ache teas and simple salves surprised me with their effectiveness!  I became fascinated and threw myself into both folk remedy and science based herbal healing methods.


I have spent almost 20 years learning numerous methods of herbal medicine and aromatherapy.  I hold certifications in Herbal Retail Management, Nutritional Herbalism, Clinical Master Aromatherapy and Clinical Master Herbalism and Flower Essence Practitioner. I am continuing my education with a class on Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine. I am also attending a robust class which will provide a Phytotherapy certification. This clinical focused class will combine all these modalities to help me provide holistic health care in a whole new way.  Mortar and Pestle was born out of my wish to help my community and continue the customs of the wise women that have come before me. I want to bring back the village wise woman tradition one extract at a time! 

Join me as I fulfill my 3 goals: First, I will formulate and make high quality, small batch herbal remedies. Secondly, I wish to help educate myself and others in simple plant wellness and holistic health modalities. And lastly, to encourage a much needed conversation to integrate complementary health options and modern medicine to help us all live healthier and be more balanced in mind, body and spirit.