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Greetings from the meadow!  


I am honored you want to reach out.

If this is an emergency - please contact 911 or your trusted health care provider for assistance.  

If you are seeking one on one work, I encourage you to read and consider my Crossroads Herbal Consultation offering. If you are needing support, find yourself needing a restart or know where you want to go and yet need more guidance - reach out or book time with me. This would allow us to work together in a way that deeply respects both your wellness journey and the expertise and range of complementary care I can offer you.  

I ask that you not use the email  to share personal details of your health.  I appreciate your respect of this personal boundary. Your story is valuable. I would prefer to share this with you in a more intimate space of sharing exchange. Exploring your goals within a session is far more impactful for both of us. 

A brief and clear note seeking references or clarifications on products or my offerings is welcomed.  Simply click my email below.  

Please note that I answer emails Monday - Friday.  I meet with clients Tuesday through Friday.  

Easily find my schedule by clicking Book a Visit.

Take care and be well - Kelly






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