I have been hearing from everyone that the dreams are vivid and frequent these days!  If this is you and you want to tap into that nighttime subconcious magic... or if this isn't you but you would like to open up the overnight channel.  This set is for you.  Included in this set is herbs from my witch's garden...  a generous mugwort smoke stick to cleanse your bedroom and set the mood.  Take a dropper or two of my Ancestral Dreams Syrup.  Made with gorgeous valerian flowers, lemon balm and XXXX to relax and settle you into a deeper and more 'mindful' sleep.  Lastly, I'm including a lovely Deep Dreaming Bedtime oil.  Infused with mugwort and other lovely herbs.. simply massage into feet and legs before bed and enjoy the respite. 


5 sets available 


Contains:  (1) Mugwort Smoke Stick  +  (1) 2 oz. Ancestral Dreams Syrup + (1) 2 oz. Deep Dreaming Bedtime Oil


Dreamwork Kit