Summer provides everything you need for a well rounded first aid kit!  This set proves that everything you need is right in your back yard.  I've done the work for you - and this set gives you a super well rounded support kit.


Included in the kit is: Jewelweed is a great itch buster.  Poison ivy, skin rashes or bug bites.. jewelweed has you covered.  Comfrey + St. John's Wort is a great all around pain soother combined with cell regeneration. Sore muscles and joints? This has you covered.  Don't use this salve on open wounds though!  Lastly, if you need a first aid... cut, scratches, bites, wounds and more balm.. Pine Tar is it.  It's a beauty too - deep and dark black with tons of great herbs to assist that anti-bacterial action. 


5 sets available 


Contains:  (1) 2 oz. Jewelweed Balm  +  (1) 2 oz. Comfrey & St. Johns Wort Balm + (1) 1 oz. Pine Tar Balm


First Aid Kit - Summer Balms