Need a warm up?  Chill down?  Tight neck?  We have you covered!  Literally.  These generously sized flax seed neck warmers have just the right amount of heft to relax and the deep, long lasting warmth of flax seeds.  Simply warm in your microwave or chill in your freezer for shoulder, neck, belly or all over relief!  All wraps are approximately 24" x 5" and are filled with 2 lbs. of flax seed!  They are also seamed at regular intervals so the flax stays put.


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A: Yellow Brights

B:Retro lime & sapphire

C: Purple & blue flower field 

D: Purple leaf swirl

E: Green leaf swirl


Flax Seed Shoulder Wraps

  • Flax seeds, cotton fabric (some contain lavender, chamomile or rose petals)