There are some habits we get into that hinder our progress. Or we just need an occassional emotional boost or reminder to stay on the path. These essences help you stay on task or lift your mood.* 


Introducing my Witch of the Meadow Flower Essence Series. Flower essence medicine brings you the transformational vibration of some of nature's most beautiful offerings. All made with flowers from my own property and with loving intent. These gentle offerings may assist you with emotional, physical and spiritual that are holding you back from living the life you wish. Read the descriptions below and choose the essence(s) that resonate with you. Or choose the "Custom" order and leave me A Note to Seller and I will blend up to 3 essences for a completely unique essence blend.


Please consult your health care provider if you wish to incorporate this product in your well rounded wellness plan.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


1 oz. bottle


Apple Blossom - As a symbol of health and wellness, apple blossom may help bring you renewed focus and strength as you begin a new health and wellness plan. May help ease the stress of that transition.


Blackberry Blossom - Procrastinate? Hopping around from project to project.. blackberry blossom may help you focus and follow through.


Blue Bead Lily - Bring your mind and voice together with this woodland bloom. Communicate clearly so others can hear your heart and mind aloud.


Blue Cohosh - It can be difficult to be in the 'here and now', especially with a full plate. Focus on the moment and let the distractions fall away.


Chamomile - If daily stress and EMF invade your physical and emotional space, chamomile supports your protection system. Especially helpful if you show your stress in your skin.


Christmas Cactus - Bring out your gratitude and kindness to the surface. Each of your actions affect others .. why not let those actions cultivate more love and kindness?


Dandelion - The perfect plant to get you into your body.  Deeply rooted and medicinally beneficial dandelion helps you stay embodied and live well with the Universe. 


Hosta - Daily struggles can create constant worry. This shade loving bloomer may show us we can find joy amongst the stressors of the daily grind.


Iris - If you are an artist who has hit a block, Iris may bring your creativity back into focus and action. This showy bloom may help you get back in your creative headspace.


Lavender - Mostly known for its calming scent, this flower essence helps you navigate outside influences. Balance your emotions, your presence in the world and others needs with lavender.


Lupine - Woodland soil nourishing lupine is your go-to for transforming negative emotions to gratitude. This essence may help you focus on the positive.


Milkweed - Addictions of all kinds are complex to break. This butterfly attracting wildflower may help you process the emotional needs and bring you the self reliance you need to be independent of your addiction.


Peony - Let this big showy flower share the gift of transforming situations into abundance. Stop spinning your wheels and convert frustration to gratitude.


Periwinkle - It can be difficult to stop repeated patterns. But when we know better, we do better. Let this ground creeper bring you the wisdom to learn from mistakes.


Pussy Willow - Our current society is filled with stimuli that can cause pressure and reduce our carefree enjoyment. This fuzzy flower may help you find the balance between 'doing and being' and help you go with the flow.


Red Clover - Sometimes we need to be the calm in the storm. And often that requires an ability to not get caught up in chaos, panic or fear. This nutritious wild flower helps us remain level headed amidst high stress situations.


Tansy - Overcome lethargy and indecision with strength. This late summer bloom helps you finish what you start.


Trillium - This woodland flower may help you find a better balance between spiritual fulfillment and financial goals. May help you fill more secure and fulfilled with what you have.


Wild Ginger - This flower hides itself under it's leaves but is a stunning showstopper. This woodland flower blooms close to the ground and will help get you grounded and feel more rooted in your life.


Witch Hazel - This woodland bush blooms when the snow is still on the ground. Find the light through the dark days of winter and remind yourself of the light in the darkness with witch hazel.


Yarrow - This powerful medicinal herb is a powerful protector. If you feel like you need some extra psychic protection or just feel unsettled and need a feeling of auric strength this is an excellent addition to any blend or alone.


Yellow Bellwort + Citrine - Let this early spring bloom lift your spirits and get you reset.  Whether you have been through a rough time or simply feel 'burnt out', this flower + crystal essence can recharge your batteries. 

Flower Essence - Everyday Assist

  • Ingredients: Alcohol (40% ABV), distilled water, essence of the flower you choose