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Come visit me in the meadow

Embodied wellness, oracle and energetic witchery in a safe, magical space 

Available both in-person or distantly (with Zoom)


Crossroads Herbal Consultation

Are you at a crossroads? Wanting to make changes but the pathway is dark? Join me on a journey into your wholeness. Whether you are presently working successfully with your health care provider and simply wish to expand on your current wellness plan. Or if you have struggled to get a foothold on feeling like yourself - let me hold the torch and be your guide on the path to reclaim your well-being. I want you to feel heard and discover new tools for a kit you can incorporate into your daily life. I can light the way.

Our comprehensive session will dig deep into your goals. Physical, emotional and spiritual. Where have you been?  How did you get here? Where do you want to be?  What steps can I help you take to reignite the version of you that is slumbering within you?  

Included in your session:

  • 60 minute consultation

  • A comprehensive report of invitations & guidance

  • A gift of support tools to start your journey

  • Safe and sacred space to share your goals


Reiki is a Japanese art of complementary healing. Universal healing energy is directed through the practitioner to the client. This powerful system is meant for creating balance and and shifting energy to promote emotional and physical healing.

I am now offering in-person or distance reiki sessions from the meadow apothecary. With my rare blend of reiki and intuitive work you will receive a completely unique and powerful reiki session. 

Included in your session:​​

  • 30 Minute Pre-session Consult 

  • Reiki Session (approximately 45 minutes)

  • Crystal and flower essence healing 

  • Distance session includes written report of messages/content

  • Optional add-on: Bottle of flower essence


Tarot Readings

Seeking insight? Need a new perspective on a current situation?  A tarot reading may be able to shed some light for you.  

Tarot is my favorite method of getting the 'full picture' of what is going on in my current circumstances. Get an assist in seeing around blind spots.  Get confirmations on hunches and gut feelings .. I love this high level/higher perspective angle.  

Using one of my various tarot sets, I will ask the Universe what you most need to know now.

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