Customer Care

I include all herbal and product information within the product description and it is your responsibility to read these descriptions carefully.  I will include the latest contraindications available however Mortar and Pestle is not responsible for any allergic or unforeseen reactions.

Please know that all medicines, including herbal and seemingly simple remedies can react differently in different people.  All these products are made with plants and other natural materials.  Due to this reality please realize that sometimes grit, sediment or 'floaties' will occasionally find their way into your product.  I have done all I can to remove these elements but nature can sometimes find a way through the most fine sieve and strainer.  Please contact me directly if your product has an overwhelming quality issue or if you have questions regarding my handcrafted process.

I have tested all of these products within my home with family, friends and myself and will never sell something I don't deem safe enough to give to my own family.

By purchasing products from Mortar and Pestle Herbal LLC it is assumed you have read and researched all ingredients in the herbal formulas.  Mortar and Pestle assumes no responsibility for any unforeseen reactions.  If during the use of any Mortar and Pestle Herbal LLC product you experience irritation or a unwelcome reaction you should discontinue use immediately and see your personal medical practitioner.  In case of an emergency call 911 to get proper medical attention

Privacy & Safety

Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC does not share your personal information for any other purpose other than to complete your sales transaction.  No information from you (including email, credit card, address, etc) is sold or shared with another entity except to complete your sales transaction.  Your transaction is completed through and and are subject to their privacy policy rules.  Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC is not privy to your credit card information and that information is only shared with to process payment. Your address, email and other personal information is only used by Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC to get your sale items shipped to you using USPS. 

If you email Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC your email address, name and personal information within the email is only used within Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC to respond to your inquiry or comment.  These emails are not stored, nor is your information sold or used in any way for social media or any other marketing methods.  Your privacy is important to us so please contact us if you have questions regarding your information. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Mortar & Pestle Herbal will accept any wholesale inquiries from direct sale shops.  Wholesale pricing, lead time, minimum quantities and shipping policies will be provided upon request.  Please email us at for details. 

Payment Methods (Online)

Credit/ Debit Cards - PayPal

The information here is meant for educational purposes only and should not replace medical advice.  The products made here should not replace medical care. Please read all product descriptions carefully for all known contraindications.  By purchasing a Mortar & Pestle Herbal, LLC product it is assumed you have educated yourself on the possible risks and you assume responsibility for the effects.  

The FDA has not evaluated the claims made here.  These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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